Where Is Mongolia? – Your Question Answered!

Where is Mongolia?

Mongolia formally known as outer Mongolia during its Chinese occupation and rule is a landlocked country in North and Central Asia.  Mongolia’s total land size is 1,564,100 km² (603,900 mi²), it measures 2,392 km (1,486 mi) from west to east and at its maximum Mongolia measures 1,259 km (782 mi) from south to north.

where is mongolia
Mongolia/Russian border mountains

Where is Mongolia on a map?

On a map, you can see that Mongolia is located to the south of Russia and to the north of China.  Mongolia’s total land area is roughly the same size as western and central Europe placing it as the 19th largest country in the world after Iran.

What is Mongolia’s flag?

The Mongolian national flag was adopted on the 12th of January 1992 and features a vertical triband design with a red stripe on either side representing thriving for eternity and a blue stripe in the middle representing Mongolia’s eternal blue sky.  On the left stripe is a gold Soyombo symbol representing fire, sun, moon, earth, water, and a Taijitu symbol representing the duality of yin and yang.

What is Mongolia’s currency?

Mongolia uses the Mongolian tugrik (The currency code is MNT) other names it may go by are “tögrög or Tugrug”. The currency symbol is ₮ and has been used since 1925 when it was first introduced, it has been the only legal currency used in Mongolia since 1928.  As of September 2022, $1 was worth approximately ₮3,261. MNT banknotes range from 1₮ to 20,000₮ and coins range from 20₮ to 500₮.

What language do Mongolians speak?

In Mongolia, the Mongolian official language is Mongolian and 95% of its residents speak it.  While 95% of the population speaks Mongolian there are also many that are bilingual and speak Turkic, Russian, Mandarin, and English. Of the global Mongolian speakers, only 56% of them live in Mongolia. The other 44 percent reside in foreign countries like China and Russia.

What language do Mongolians speak
Mongolian manuscript

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